Scope Of Supply :

The complete Reverse Osmosis plant of capacity 250 LPH .

Our Recommendations :

Pressure sand filter & Activated carbon filter – Micron filters – dosing pump-Pressure Pump - Reverse Osmosis System .

Technical Specification For 250LPH.

1. Pressure sand filter& Activated Carbon filter :

Capacity 1000 LPH
Size 1054
Material FRP
Valves Top mounted Filter valve
Media Quartz sand of depth 700 mm
Application To remove turbidity
Quantity 1 no only

The system is provided with valves & Piping to control flow of water treatment and for cleaning . The water flow is evenly distributed through the sand media and filtered. The suspended mater in water is removed and filtered. Back washing facilities are available in the sand filter to clean the filter.

The system is provided with valves & Piping to control flow of water treatment and for cleaning. The Activated Carbon filter removes suspended matter and organic impurities presenting water, it also removes bad smell if present in water. The back washing facilities are available which helps to clear the bed of dirt, fines and to reclassify the granules for next cycle.

2. Micron filter :

Flow rate 1000 LPH
Length of cartridge 20 inches
Material HDPE
No of cartridge 2 Nos
Micron rating 5,1
Type PP wound
Quantity 2 Nos

The cartridges inside the housing are of high quality material . The micron filters remove the suspended matters . When the flow rate reduces the cartridges should be replaced.

3.Dosing Pump

Make : ukl

4. Pressure Pump :

Phase Single phase /three phase
Motor power 2HP

5. Reverse Osmosis System :

Diameter 4 inches
Length 40 inches
Housing FRB
Membrane filmtech
Quantity 1 SET
Panel board with instruments
Flow meter 2 Nos
Pressure gauge(Glycerin filled ) 2 No
Low pressure switch 1 No
Electrical connectionWith starter 1 SET
Volt meter 1 No
Amp meter 1 No
Power Indicator 2 No

R.O. System is scientifically designed with imported membrane fitted inside with code line vessel. This system is very much essential to reduce raw water TDS for mineral water project to the requited standard. This membrane technology also eliminates the bacterial and viruses from the inlet water.

6 Skid

M.S. Powder coated

Your Scope of supply The following are excluded from our scope of supply.
The client to provide Raw water at the specified flow and minimum of 1.5 Kg/ Pressure. The raw water pumps are excluded from our scope of supply.
All civil works wherever required and interconnection pipe between raw water pump and Inlet of our plant and Outlet of our offered system to the treated water storage tank.